383. Sam throwing Thor’s hammer.

382. Completely and utterly dreading the thought of an episode involving spiders.

381. When there is an electrical storm and you immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s a death omen. 0_0

380. When you are the only SPN fan in your bunch of friends and you keep fangirling aloone in the corner.

379. Jared’s back freckles.

378. Wanting a slender man episode.

377. When you want to name your future children after characters on the show but you can’t, as it would be a bad omen because every character dies or has something bad happen to them.

376. When you’re told not to get so upset, that it’s just a show.

375. Wondering why Dean keeps using BIC lighters when he could save a lot of money using matches like Garth.

374. Drunk Sam