qwuilleran said: Don't you ever delete this blog. I enjoy combing back through your posts every now and again~ I swear XD

Never! Thank you so much for coming back! :3

I know I haven’t been posting lately but not many submissions have come through and the ones that have are similar to past posts.So, I’m currently open to any sugesstions. Do you want more fan problem posts? Reblogs of fanart, gifs, etc.? Maybe even fic recs? The ask box is open to everyone. Tell me what you would like to see on this blog.

Anonymous said: Even if demons or anything aren't involved, salt is good for storing meats.

YES, ANON! You are right! I didn’t even think about that. Looks like I’ll be searching for you when I need more tips!


Anonymous said: What do you think should be in an apocalypse kit?

How big of a kit are we talking about here? Also, what kind of apocalypse? When I really think about it, I would probably pack as if I were going camping and only what I could carry. Along with machete, fire arms, and ammo.


P.S. Don’t wanna forget the salt!!

donna-winchester-at-221b said: What is your favourite Supernatural episode?

This one is a hard one. It’s a tie between Swan Song and The French Mistake.


414. Wanting Gabriel back.

413. When you’ve become attached to Kevin Tran and you just know they’re going to kill him off at some point…

Okie dokie, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates. Seems like life got to the best of us and we just stopped completely. So with permission, I will carry on as being a moderator. I’ll be going through previous submissions and try to work it out. Any new submissions and messages are welcome :)


padaleckidalek-fallen-angel said: Is this blog still running ?

That is a very good question. Some time ago, one of our moderators left the blog for personal reasons. I’m not sure what happened to our other moderator. As for me, I have been dealing with some big personal issues that make me ill suited for blog-running. 

So, if all of you want to keep seeing updates, here’s an open invitation.


If you want the job, and can prove that you have a grasp on grammar and punctuation, you’ve got it. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll be accepting two applications, so first come, first served.

Sorry about the Teen Wolf related post.
Tumblr mobile app is shit.


skywired said: Hey! Just wanted to drop by and say I absolutely adore your blog :D Have a nice Saturday~

Thank you so much!

Hoping you have a great day :3